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    Brett Simon


    Tim Calpin

    Kevin Jakubowski


  • Reece Daniel Thompson
  • Mischa Barton
  • Bruce Willis
  • Melonie Diaz


  • Bob Yari
  • Roy Lee
  • Doug Davidson
  • Brian Bell
  • Elsie Choi
  • Suzanne Smith

High School. Four of the most important years of your life. But it isn't always dances and keg parties and sucking face in your parents' mini-van. Sometimes it's ugly and hard and complicated. As complicated as a conspiracy to overthrow the presidentÖ

Thereís something rotten at St. Donovanís High and sophomore newspaper reporter Bobby Funke (Reece Daniel Thompson) is on it like pink rubber bands on your little sisterís braces. When senior hottie Francesca Fachini (Mischa Barton) solicits Funkeís help tracking down a set of stolen SATs, Funke uncovers a story dirtier than the lunch ladyís moustache. After he fingers the school president (figuratively) for the crime, Funke becomes one of the most popular kids at St. Donovan's High. No longer known simply as the freshman who was once tied to a giant snowman penis, Funke wins the respect of everyone from the Desert-Storm-hero-turned-educator Principal Kirkpatrick (Bruce Willis) to the kid that farts on him in Spanish class. When Francesca takes Funke to homecoming, even the In-School Suspension delinquents turn nice and offer guidance on how to keep his boner in check during slow dances.

But high schoolís not always what it seems. As Funkeís popularity grows so do his suspicions. Did the president really steal the SATs? Or is Funke just a pawn in a conspiracy as complicated as adolescence itself? Determined to find the truth, Funke digs deeper and unearths the sordid underbelly of St. Donovanís. Student council members, college bookies, public school brats, everyone seems to play a part. Armed only with a learnerís permit and the spirit of Woodward and Bernstein, Funke must crack the case before it cracks him.

"The filmís central mystery keeps you guessing intelligently, but brilliantly balances every reference to Nietzsche with a joke about a chocolate swirly. Bruce Willis is hilariously intense, Mischa brings the femme fatale back for a new generation, and the supporting cast is filled with breakout young stars."

- Larry Carroll, MTV Movies Blog

"The world of this story is so masterfully created. From the production design, to the characters, Assassination feels like a living breathing parallel universe. You will leave the theater after seeing this film knowing you underpaid for your ticket."

- Peter Sciretta,

"Brett Simon is an incredibly skilled filmmaker in the way he has taken this sharp, smart script, cast it with an ensemble of incredibly talented young actors, then combined it with classic film imagery and an uber-cool soundtrack of well-selected current and vintage tunes to create a movie that's constantly entertaining despite treading familiar ground.."

- Edward Douglas,