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  • Sue Kramer


  • Heather Graham
  • Thomas Cavanagh
  • Bridget Moynahan
  • Molly Shannon
  • Alan Cumming
  • Sissy Spacek


  • Bob Yari
  • John Hermansen
  • Jill Footlick
  • Sue Kramer
Rated PG-13
A sophisticated comedy about love, life, and being true to oneself. Set in New York City with bantering dialogue reminiscent of a 1940's classic and the panache of a designer fashion show, "Gray Matters" makes you laugh, cry, and celebrate the human spirit. They finish each other's sentences, dance like Fred and Ginger, and share the same downtown loft - the perfect couple? Not exactly. Gray and Sam (Heather Graham and Tom Cavanagh), are a sister and brother so compatible and inseparable that people actually assume they are dating. Mortified, they both agree they must branch out and start searching for love. He'll look for a guy for her and she'll look for a gal for him. But when Sam finds his perfect mate in Charlie (Bridget Moynahan,) Gray's life turns inside out. A romantic comedy that sets sibling rivalry on its head, "Gray Matters" gives a whole new meaning to love...and destiny.

"A refreshingly positive message about being true to your sexuality "

- Michael Musto, Village Voice